As the years go by, manned systems are slowly being wiped out. The perfection and smoothness in motion, achieved by a programmed robot, will always win over a hand handled arrangement. No matter what genre of entertainment it is, automated machines always prove to be either compulsory, or helpful. Parks are a huge source of entertainment, but how can the motion of a programmed robot be used in an amusement park?

Disney’s theme parks have always been wonderful, with attractions filled with fantasy, thrilling rides, and loveable characters. Interestingly, they could soon add to their parks with another toy – at least that’s how they are using them – the drones. They can be used to hold projection screening systems, control attractive aerial lighting displays, and most importantly, to move giant three dimensional animated puppets.

Disney’s patent applications, filed in 2013, gave the excited fans a little idea of how the drones could be used, in an effort to improve the quality of the entertainment the park offers. The most outstanding one of these was the idea to control the puppets in a whole new way.

The patent gives the picture, as to how the puppets could swing in the middle air, moving according the creatively choreographed routine of the drones. They further described, that a specific flight plan will be set for them, in which they will move, with sensors to acknowledge them of the presence of a nearby drone, avoiding collisions. Moreover, drones could handle puppet shows that are on a much bigger scale, with larger animated structures and characters. With the flawless settings of the show, it could be a completely magical, super-sized display.

As far as the drones’ intelligence is concerned, they have stated that it would be enough to overcome any minor disturbance that could tingle with the movements. For example, a gust of wind comes waving by, it could destroy the whole show if adequate precautions had not been taken. However, the drones will be programmed to synchronize their movements accordingly against the wind, to maintain the flow of the puppet movements.

The patent states that this will act as a significant reform in the movements of vital flying characters, which were usually suspended with balloons filled with hot air, having minimal and/or awkward motion in any moveable part. However, the drones will control any character, in the desired manner. Disney’s expectations are high and same goes for the people who are anxiously waiting for the technology to reach the public market to film using drones.