GoPro is one of the famous action and sports camera series on the market. Probably all types of industries from fun to professional to commercial make use of this camera technology to record footage in a way impossible with your typical camera.

Many drone manufacturers have integrated GoPro cameras and their drones to extend product functionality and boost the selling point. These drones for GoPro’s are available in different price ranges based on the size, brand, flight time, and version of the camera mounted on the product such as drone for gopro.

The History of Go Pro Drone

DJI, probably the very first drone company to popularize GoPro drone concept. They have provided such types of drones for the last few decades to find best drone for gopro.

However, recently they stopped using GoPro cameras in their products after GoPro company announced it is own line of drone with their original camera. The launch but was not successful because many customers noticed glitches in the initial product. They recalled all units and had to wait a few months before marketing again.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Drones for GoPro

  • As a buyer, buying the best drone with GoPro camera is an important decision, so you have to consider some things before buying.
  • It includes whether you have a camera already and just need a drone that can accommodate a GoPro. If so, you can check out the 3DR Solo quadcopter model. If you do not have a camera and drone, then you could buy one of the best GoPro drones, for example, GoPro Karma.
  • Next, decide your budget. Obviously, you do not want to get an expensive quad when you are a mere beginner. As for starters, we suggest either the Ionic Stratus Quadcopter or Traxxas Aton. Professionals can opt for either Blade Chroma or Yuneec Typhoon G.
  • Another critical factor is the flight duration. The main reason as you know to buy a GoPro drone is to record videos for fun or commercial reasons. Then how could you ignore the importance of flight time? There are models which duration range from 5 to 40 minutes. Select your sweet spot and choose a drone on that scale.
  • Also, you need to consider the camera quality. You have to understand not all GoPro cameras are the same and have differences in resolution in other words “megapixels.” Also, there are different versions of Go Pro cameras so select your drone very carefully.


Overall, this post covered everything you need to know about go pro drones in general. These types of drones are viral among consumers for many reasons.

We think the flexibility it offers to be able to get the mount to third-party cameras is the most significant advantage. You can save a fortune if you already have a camera and not spend on a quadcopter with the camera.

We are happy to hear your thoughts and experience with any of the Go Pro quadcopter out there. Share your story and ensure to consider all things we mentioned on drones for GoPro’s before buying.